Our experience covers a diverse array of large industrial plants including refineries, petrochemical, hydro, desalination, thermal power, product storage and rail/truck shipment terminals. Thanks to our successful track record, we have in depth knowledge of refineries and upgraders, and a deep understanding of the challenge of integrating new or replacement equipment into complex environments. With a rework rate below one per cent, our results speak for themselves.

Operations and Maintenance Capital Projects (MCP)

Our capabilities and knowledge of maintenance capital means we are skilled at keeping refining facilities in optimum operating condition and implementing equipment upgrades and debottlenecking processes to increase production.

When equipment upgrades are recommended, we implement with minimum disruption and work closely with the operators to understand specific issues. Our services in MCP include:

  • Revamps, retrofitting and debottlenecking
  • Process engineering
  • Shutdown planning
  • Precision brown field design and construction
  • Multiple process unit debottlenecking and retrofitting.


We provide innovative solutions to create and debottleneck oil upgrading and refinery processing units.

Ausenco assists in keeping production facilities in optimum operating condition and implements debottleneck processes to increase production.

Ausenco successfully helps clients study, identify and solve system-wide performance and/or capacity issues, and provides cost effective debottlenecking solutions that minimise impact on existing operations.

Process Engineering Services

We know how important it is to correctly complete process design to avoid scope changes, and then execute accordingly. Ausenco has the technical capability and systems to plan ahead in alignment with the client’s stated goals.

When dealing with existing assets we work closely with operations, maintenance, and process staff on site to develop the process design basis, prepare scoping studies for expansion projects, conduct plant troubleshooting and develop optimisation and debottlenecking alternatives.

For new business opportunities we develop process flow diagrams and heat and material balances. We set up and run economic models and prepare high-level capital and operating cost estimates to identify operating risks and support contract negotiations.

Ausenco's highly skilled engineers have a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and practical operating experience combined with excellent communication skills. Our rigorous analysis of technologies allows us to provide valuable feedback on areas of risk and how to modify designs to improve operability and reliability. Our aim is to develop long-term relationships with our clients, and we customise our services to complement the resources of the client’s team to collaboratively achieve success.

Contact us

For more information on our upgrading and refining solutions, please contact one of our specialists:

  • David Spagnolo, Snr Vice President and Global Practice Lead, Oil & Gas - david.spagnolo@ausenco.com
  • Bob Zunti, General Manager, Oil & Gas - robert.zunti@ausenco.com