Water treatment solutions

Ausenco Proxa is a leading provider of integrated, cost-effective and sustainable water treatment solutions across the full project lifecycle.

We offer water treatment solutions across a diverse range of industries. Our in-house expertise, extensive research and development, and access to leading global technologies position us to offer unbiased, objective advice and world-class, tailored solutions. 

We provide a range of services in water treatment across the entire project lifecycle from initial concept to detailed design, optimisation, operations and maintenance, laboratory services, research and development and Q-TRAK, a web-enabled, proprietary remote monitoring system.

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Ausenco Proxa also offers our clients of the following solutions:  

Mobile solutions

Our mobile solutions division, Aqua Mobile, was established to provide rapid deployment water treatment services for emergency, intermediate or long-term solutions to the industrial and mining industries. 

The Aqua Mobile technology incorporates unique close-coupled design on a range of mobile skid and trailer-mounted units, with the aim of minimising footprint and maximising production capacity. Technologies applied via the Aqua Mobile units include rotary drum filtration, sand filtration, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis and fractal ion exchange all of which can be used for the following applications:

  • temporary water supply  
  • mine dewatering and desalination  
  • boiler feed water  
  • side stream cooling tower filtration  
  • reduction of storage dam water levels  
  • maintenance shut-down supplies  
  • power plant commissioning 
  • seasonal capacity increase  
  • emergency potable water supply

Our units range in size from 10m³/hr to 5ML/day, with the ability to expand further through the incorporation of additional units that operate in parallel.

Modular solutions

Ausenco Proxa also offers skid-mounted, modular units for permanent installations. Aqua Modular units are custom engineered and optimised for each specific application. 

Our Aqua Modular units offer the following advantages compared to other permanent installations:

  • fast delivery - manufacturing and assembly can be conducted off-site, which reduces the delivery and installation time
  • reduced civil requirements - Aqua Modular units simply require a plinth with a roof structure, which are much simpler than the large civil structures required for other permanent installations, and are also much more cost effective in this area
  • expansion/process change - due to the modular design of the units, expanding the capacity of the plant can be done with ease and minimal additional cost related to infrastructure.

A risk for permanent installations is changes in the feed water quality. With the Aqua Modular design it is possible to adjust the process with alternative or additional pre-treatment should it be required. 

These plants are therefore preferred over traditional fixed installations in situations where there is uncertainty regarding feed water composition variations.

Custom engineered systems (fixed installations)

Ausenco Proxa’s custom engineered systems are generally required where modular solutions do not apply. For these systems, we offer a full scope of services, ranging from project scoping and definition to detailed design, construction management, commissioning and operational support.

The custom engineered or fixed plant systems have certain advantages over mobile systems in general:

  • longer expected plant life
  • improved integration into existing infrastructure
  • optimised ergonomics
  • optimised design
  • more aesthetically appealing

Brine treatment solutions

Ausenco Proxa also offers brine treatment solutions, which include:

  • Eutectic freeze crystallisation and freeze desalination
    In the harsh and demanding environment of brine treatment this innovative technology offers significant advantages with regard to energy consumption, corrosion rates and scaling tendencies over traditional high temperature thermal processes.

    Ausenco Proxa has well developed capacity for demonstrating and developing low temperature brine treatment both in-house and in association with the crystallisation unit at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Thermal evaporation and crystallisation processes
    Where more traditional brine management solutions are required, together with our partner PPTech (Ausenco Proxa thermal engineering partner), we have access to dedicated process development as well as fully automated pilot plant capabilities for evaporation and crystallisation.

    We are able to demonstrate a range of unique process capabilities and references to deal with complex industrial effluents and recovery of viable by-products from complex waste and effluent streams.

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