Water treatment

Flowing towards a more sustainable solution

At Ausenco, our diverse skill set has enabled us to deliver a wide range of water, waste water and reclaimed water projects, both for industrial clients and for municipal infrastructure districts. 

Whether it is expanding treatment facilities high within a watershed, running a new critical supply water main under a river or recovering mineral slurry conveyance water at a coastal desert port facility, we are able to put together the right team to deliver the project successfully. 

Water treatment project aspects that are within our area of expertise include:

  • water disinfection, including UV, ozone, and sodium hypochlorite
  • head works, including dams, tunnels and intake structures
  • pipelines, including valve stations and tunnels, with diameters up to 120” in poor soil conditions and high seismic areas
  • pump stations, including booster stations, dry wells and wet wells

Regardless of our clients’ water treatment needs, we find a solution. 

To find out more about our water treatment solutions, or learn about our other infrastructure capabilities, click on the related case studies or download our brochure in English or Portuguese.