Diversity and inclusion

We believe diversity is a people and business imperative. It is ingrained in our ethical and social responsibilities, grounded in our core values and helps us discover and develop new possibilities. 

As a global company we embrace and encourage diversity in its fullest sense – gender, age, experience, nationality, colour, language, religion, location, disability, education, skills, working styles and time availability. Our work environments are based on mutual trust and respect for the dignity, rights and opportunities of every individual.

We know that increasing diversity takes focus, time and effort, so we drive and measure a number of key areas. These are:

  • Unconscious bias – Starting with our leaders, our programs aim to raise awareness of unconscious bias, encourage self-assessment and provide training where required to ensure discussions and decisions are not negatively impacted
  • Reporting – Our diversity reporting framework allows us to accurately monitor trends and our progress towards improved diversity
  • Young professionals – We ensure that our emerging talent is known and proactive steps are taken to nurture their career development
  • Flexibility – We continually review our workplace engagement and flexibility policies and practices to ensure they are not barriers to participation
  • Gender diversity – For every role we hire, we proactively seek suitably skilled or experienced females to include on the short list. 
  • Progressing reconciliation with First Nations People – We have developed a Reconciliation Action Plan with clear actions to create meaningful relationships, enhance respect and promote sustainable opportunities for First Nations Australians.