Gold mine closure sustainability and revegetation plan

Alumbrera Copper-Gold Mine
2009 - 2013
Industry Sector
Minerals & Metals
Catamarca, Argentina
Minera Alumbrera S.A.
Gold; Precious Metals
Service Area
Environment & Sustainability
Mine Closure & Remediation

The Alumbrera mine is the first mining project in Argentina to develop a closure plan.

Our staff of professionals carried out a revegetation and restoration plan working in conjunction with the most renowned National Research Center in the country, CRICyT-CONICET.

As a result of this combined effort a comprehensive closure plan is being undertaken.

The project includes the creation of a seeds bank, the systematisation of a vivarium and autochthonous species planting and irrigation.

Our commitment to the environment contributes to the well-being of the communities in which we work and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Scope of services:

  • Revegetation and restoration for the dump area of the project
  • Client and enforcement authority counselling
  • Creation of a seeds bank
  • Autochthonous species planting and irrigation
  • Vivarium development
  • Hydrogeological study of the dump area of the project