Ausenco team wins Schreyer Award & Award of Excellence

We are incredibly honoured to receive the top Canadian Consulting Engineering award - the Schreyer Award, in addition to an Award of Excellence, for the Port Mann Water Supply Tunnel project.

The Ausenco-led team designed a tunnel beneath the Fraser River capable of withstanding the up to 6 metres of horizontal soil movement at the access shafts and valve chambers expected following a 1:10,000 year earthquake. The prestigious Schreyer award recognizes the innovation and technical ingenuity of the team which employed a number of design “firsts” in Canada. 

These are the third and fourth major industry awards for this project,  which won the ACEC-BC Award of Excellence in 2017 and the Tunnelling Association of Canada’s “Innovative Tunnelling Project of the Year” award in 2016. A big congratulations to the entire project team! 

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