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Harnessing raw energy for value added solutions. We believe in breaking new ground and our experience in traditional power generation positions us perfectly to lead the way in renewable power.

For information on our ingenious solutions and our ability to harness the raw energy from the world around us, click on the links to each renewable energy source below.


Shining a light on renewable power solutions.

The solar industry has grown significantly in recent years from an industry that required a substantial amount of good will, subsidies and patience, to an innovative and sustainable industry offering a range of solutions and opportunities. 

Ausenco has the experience in both solar electrical and solar thermal to offer the right solutions for our clients. We understand the requirements of remote power generation and can draw on the expertise and experience of the largest manufacturer of solar electric panels in the world. This enables us to create comprehensive fit-for purpose solutions that maximise our clients’ return on investment for new installations and improves the life and reliability of existing on-site power generating systems using conventional methods.

Our service capabilities include:

  • Integrating solar solutions into existing power systems 
  • Preliminary project analysis and engineering
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Community consultation and engagement
  • Permitting and regulatory approvals
  • Geotechnical
  • Detailed engineering 
  • Civil mechanical and electrical engineering design
  • SCADA and plant control
  • Construction
    • Civil works
    • Logistics 
    • Foundation systems
    • Solar panel installation
    • Balance of plant
    • Grid connection
  • EPCM and ongoing maintenance

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Waste to energy

Ingenious solutions in waste to energy.

Waste heat recovery projects are often complex and require ingenious solutions to complex problems. Ausenco has successfully recovered heat less than from 30ºC waste sewage sources, as well as developing practical solutions to recovering 900ºC heat, which is laden with explosive gas, fast travelling grit and corrosive gases. 

Waste heat recovery can provide an excellent, reliable, base load source of energy, with no fuel cost, which can improve the base process from which it is drawn providing a viable alternative to more conventional methods. 

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