Ausenco’s sustainability goal is built on the premise that human well-being, and the economic benefits derived from the work we do, requires respect for our people, our clients, the communities where we work, the natural environment and of First Nations. As a global firm, we must lead by example. We expect all employees to deport themselves with high professionalism and integrity, showing respect for the values of others and the planet. 

Sustainability begins with good governance. Our governance framework is focused on transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour. We ensure policies and management systems are designed to meet or exceed applicable laws and regulations in the countries we operate. We are committed to ethical behaviour in all we do and are clear about expectations and performance in this regard.

From a people point of view, we can only make progress by drawing on the practice, wisdom, and input of our skilled workforce. The health and safety of our people is paramount. We are an inclusive and equitable workplace and encourage all employees to contribute their expertise and develop solutions to the increasingly complex challenges our clients and communities are facing. A constant dialogue with our employees, clients, stakeholders, and communities helps us identify issues and anticipate the long-term trends and impacts of our decisions.

Our approach to environmental management is focused on stewardship. The work we do for clients in the planning, construction, and management of their projects, as well as Ausenco’s own operations, is designed to minimise impact on the natural environment.

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