Sustainability Governance & assurance

A focus on effective management and compliance is not only legally required, but essential to our efficient and effective operation.

Our Board of Directors and management ensure we act honestly and in accordance with the law and in the best interests of Ausenco’s stakeholders.

Our global management systems

Our global management systems ensure Ausenco operates in the most effective and efficient manner, integrating processes seamlessly to enable us to provide a unified and accurate source of business information that improves decision-making and lays the foundation for more effective collaboration between our teams globally.

Our global management systems include our HSE Incident and Data Management System (IDMS), with the ability to track over 3,000 actions globally and provide real time reporting; Ausenco Management System (AMS) which streamlines our operations upon common, integrated business processes; Oracle, a system that provides our financial, procurement, project and HR systems under the one platform and lastly, Active Risk Manager (ARM), a leading risk management tool that enables us to operate a full integrated Enterprise Risk Management program.

Key policies

Ausenco has a number of key policies centred around ethical conduct and doing business in an honest and open way that guide Directors, management and personnel in the performance of their duties.

These policies can be found under the Corporate Governance section of our website or by clicking here.

External and internal auditing and reporting

We conduct a number of internal audits annually to ensure our operating processes and controls comply with accepted auditing standards, leadership’s recommendations and a range of policies. We also undertake external audits as required by law and applicable international regulatory directives.