Downstream Consulting
Plant Operations & Debottlenecking

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Our capabilities and knowledge of maintenance capital means we are skilled at keeping refining facilities in optimum operating condition and implementing equipment upgrades and debottlenecking processes to increase production. 

We provide innovative solutions to create and debottleneck oil upgrading and refinery processing unit upstream production facilities. Ausenco assists in keeping production facilities in optimum operating condition and implements debottleneck processes to increase production. 

Ausenco has successfully delivered hundreds of retrofit projects that involve additions and expansions to existing facilities with some of the lowest fabrication and construction rework rates in the industry.

Ausenco successfully helps clients study, identify and solve system-wide performance and/or capacity issues, and provide cost effective debottlenecking solutions that minimises impact on existing operations. We work closely with on-site operations, maintenance, and process staff to plant troubleshoots, close heat and material balances, develop optimisation and debottlenecking.

NGL fractionation

Ausenco’s experience includes troubleshooting, debottlenecking and front-end design of new fractionation trains, as well as the only olefins fractionation train in Alberta, Canada.

We have also provided refining and fractionation consulting services for:

  • Sweetening units
  • Dehydration units
  • Fractionation units
  • Heat exchanger networks
  • Production separation and treatment
  • Turbo expanders
  • Product treatment
  • Diluent recovery units
  • Crude units
  • Vacuum units
  • Main fractionators
  • Sulphuric units (alkylation units)
  • PIP splitters.

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