Ford Motor Company Peak Shave Station

Ford Motor Company Peak Shave Station
Oakville, Ontario
2007 - 2008
Ford Motor Company of Canada
Industry Sector
Service Area
Infrastructure; Process Facilities; Project Delivery
Basic Engineering; Energy Studies; General Manufacturing; Commissioning

In an effort to incorporate improvements in energy usage and efficiency, Ausenco was chosen by Ford Motor Company to design a 10 megawatt Peak Shave generation station, consisting of four 2,500 kilowatt diesel gensets, medium voltage switchgear, two step up transformers, a diesel fuel delivery storage and transfer system, and a remotely controlled operating system.

Ausenco was asked to assist with the site preparation, equipment selection, design of the plant and commissioning support.

Plant detailed design included all disciplines including civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation and control functions. Site assistance was provided throughout construction to the owner and all contractors on the site.

During the summer months when the Ontario power grid experiences periods of peak demand, a remote signal initiates a start-up and the four engines are synchronised to the grid, thereby eliminating 10 megawatts of energy demand from the grid.