Standardisation of well pad and pipeline templates reduces costs

Jackfish SAGD Project
Conklin, Alberta, Canada
2011 - 2012
Devon NEC Corporation
Industry Sector
Oil & Gas
Oil Sands
Service Area
Midstream Consulting; Upstream Consulting
SAGD Well Pads; Oil Sands

Jackfish 3 is the third 35,000 bbl/day phase of Devon Energy’s Jackfish oil sands project. Ultimate development of the property will involve the construction of many additional well pads. Devon wanted to standardise the designs to achieve repeatability and cost savings in the future.

Ausenco provided the detailed engineering design for the first five well pads, associated pipelines, wellhead facilities and utilities feeding into the Central Processing Facility (CPF) Building on our experience at Jackfish 2. Ausenco developed two well pad templates on which to base all future expansion. Two closely related designs, rather than one, were required to give Devon flexibility regarding how the pipelines enter the pads. The templates reduce engineering design hours and complexity, and simplify field operations.

Material requisition and procurement on a package basis, rather than per pad, lowers cost The significance of this project is that it allowed. Ausenco to work closely with Devon to understand client-specific constraints when standardising well pad and pipelines layouts This expertise is transferable to future projects and other clients

Project highlights:

  • Standardised well pad/pipelines templates achieve design, construction and operations cost reduction, yet can be adapted if required for unusual pad requirements