Ed Skinner
VP Project Delivery
APAC, Africa

Business line management

A genuine opportunity to lead, we ensure that you have clear guidelines and directions, and access to our senior leaders to embrace and foster your entrepreneurial spirit.

Within Business Line Management we have roles including:

  • Regional and/or Business Line General Manager
  • Technical Specialists
  • Senior Business Operations and Functional roles

Employee careers profiles

Elie Accad
Director - African Region - Minerals & Metals
Elie Accad
Director - African Region - Minerals & Metals
Location: Montreal, Canada
Job Category: Business Management

Elie Accad

Director - African Region - Minerals & Metals

There are many reasons I enjoy working at Ausenco - it's a company open to new ideas; there are challenging opportunities and projects; there is open communication with senior management; and importantly, great colleagues to work with! At Ausenco I've had opportunities to develop my knowledge and experience in many key areas which have helped progress my career.

If you are considering joining Ausenco, go ahead! This is a great company which values experience and capabilities and is willing to support development of personal talent.