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Geotechnical Engineering

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Unearthing the true potential to achieve our clients’ goals - Ausenco offers a suite of geotechnical, earth sciences and mining-geotechnical services.

We are world-renowned as leaders in this field, being singled out for our design ingenuity and quality assurance expertise under difficult circumstances.  Our professionals include geotechnical and geological engineers, rock mechanics specialists, and Civil Design / CAD staff.
To learn more about our experience in geotechnical solutions, click on our related case studies or download the Geotechnical and civil solutions brochure in English, Spanish or Portuguese to find out the ingenious solutions we have provided.

Tailings Facilities 

Ausenco uses an integral approach to the design, operation and risk management of Tailings Facilities, incorporating cost-effective designs together with water efficiency and other environment, social and operational considerations. We are at the forefront in the evaluation and adaptation of tailings processing technologies, such as filtering; high-density thickening; and co-disposal.  We place a priority on the physical safety of our facilities, and typically adhere to major international standards in our designs, as well as national/regional/local standards, as required.  Our experience includes facilities designed and constructed in a wide range of climatic, geological, and seismic settings, in different regions around the globe.
To read more on our solutions in tailings and mine waste management in challenging terrain, click on the featured projects or contact one of the Experts shown on this page.

Heap Leach Facilities

Ausenco is world-renowned for the conceptualization; design; and ongoing technical support for some of the largest heap-leach facilities in the mining industry, and under challenging natural settings.  Our experience has ranged from smaller pads for Au extraction to very large-tonnage Cu solutions.  Our heap leach civil-geotechnical team is perfectly integrated with our heap leach metallurgical processing teams, to provide a full-service offering to our clients.

Site Investigation & Characterisation Services

Ausenco understands the importance of site characterisation as a crucial step towards evaluating the areas of concern within a site, in terms of geological risks, seismic setting, and geotechnical conditions.
We offer complete site characterisation studies for all types of mining infrastructure, including:  tailings facilities; waste rock storage facilities; pipelines/roads/linear facilities; landfills, open pits; embankments, mine infrastructure and facility foundations. Our capabilities include a fully-equipped geotechnical testing laboratory located in Peru.

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