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Water Supply

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Our hydrologists and hydrogeologists; civil and geotechnical engineers; engineering geologists; environmental specialists and engineering technicians have performed surface water and ground water studies in a wide variety of climatological and hydrological regimes from arid to tropical to arctic. 

We have a proven track record of finding clean, sustainable surface water and groundwater sources for mining operations, even in areas where the presence of a suitable water supply is not apparent. We have completed the design and/or CQA of over 70 million square meters of geomembrane lined systems to manage containment and hydraulic control.

Our water supply and management services include:

  • Mine water supply including groundwater exploration
  • Site-wide and facility water balances
  • Surface water studies
  • Groundwater studies
  • Numerical modelling
  • Infrastructure design
  • Well and aquifer testing performance and evaluation
  • Groundwater flow and solute transport modelling
  • Geochemical modelling
  • ARD assessments, modelling, and treatment systems
  • Meteorological studies and measurement stations
  • Stream flow measurement and gauging stations
  • Surface water and groundwater sampling, analysis and assessment
  • Surface water diversion structure design
  • Reservoir routing and management
  • Water/wastewater management plans.

Key projects

  • Pierina, Perú – Surface Water Management
  • El Galeno, Perú – Water Balance, Closure Planning, ARD modelling
  • La Bodega, Colombia – Hydrogeologic Characterization, Mine Inflow Modelling, Surface Water Diversion Designs
  • Los Azules, Argentina – Groundwater Flow Modelling of Open-Pit, Aquifer Testing, Hydrologic Baseline Studies
  • Cerro Verde, Perú - Regional Groundwater Flow Model, Leach Pad Hydraulic Testing and Modelling.

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