Environment & Sustainability


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Today, the environment and sustainability are key considerations across the energy and resource sectors.

We care about the environments in which we operate globally, and work with our clients and communities to deliver the best outcomes for all.

Our professional strengths in geotechnical, civil, hydrological, hydrogeological and environmental sciences enable us to deliver practical solutions that fulfil our clients’ sustainability strategies.

We are experienced in:

  • Adhering to local and regional sustainable development considerations
  • Using sustainability concepts to drive innovation in the design phase
  • Applying management systems in the construction phase to deliver projects on specification, on time, on budget and without safety incidents
  • Using triple-bottom-line decision-making processes to optimise performance during all phases of a project.

Project environmental management

We’re skilled in applying the outcomes of environmental and social impact assessments to EPCM projects. This includes preparing and implementing site specific environmental management plans for EPCM projects, and the compilation, tracking and compliance assurance for permits, licences and environmental approvals.

A typical plan applies environmental best practice across all impacts identified in an environmental impact assessment. These are managed within the health, safety and environment management program for all construction activities.

Energy management

We can help clients to define emission sources, establish operating efficiencies, and assess renewable energy options to be considered under voluntary emission-reduction carbon trading.

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