Remote project location with extreme climatic conditions

Ovoot Tolgoi Coal Handling Facility EPCM
South Gobi Province, Mongolia
2011 - current
South Gobi Sands LLC
Industry Sector
Minerals & Metals
Service Area
Process Plants; Project Delivery
Coal Handling & Preparation Plants; Power Generation & Supply; Commissioning; EPC/EPCM Contracting; Construction Management; Program Management

Ausenco Mongolia undertook the EPCM delivery of South Gobi Sands Coal Handling Facilities at the Ovoot Tolgoi Mine in South Gobi Province Mongolia. These works included detailed design engineering, project management, construction management, and safety management of all phases of the project.

Ausenco Mongolia and South Gobi, together with local contractors, overcame large logistical challenges associated with a remote project location, minimum infrastructure, and extreme climate conditions.

Phase 1 of construction was completed with over 100,000 LTI free man-hours in participation with local contractors which had a minimum of prior safety training.

The project scope consisted of:

  • ROM truck dump
  • rotary breaker
  • FGX dry coal processing plants
  • 200 000 tone product stockpiles
  • batch weigh truck loadout and associated conveyors.

Additionally, Ausenco managed the local batch plant, logistics of concrete construction materials, and bulk earthworks. Ancillary facilities included 12MW diesel fired power plant, customs yards, interior roads, truck scales, and sourcing of mobile plant.