Operation & integrity services

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At Ausenco we have designed and built some of the most complex slurry pipeline systems in operation, and we handle a large majority of this specialised market worldwide. Our simulator software is based on this vast experience. 

We do not stop at the design and engineering phases of pipeline projects as we understand the long-term success of any pipeline rests with the expertise of its operators.

We have designed and developed sophisticated, customised software packages (Pipeline Simulator™ and Pipeline Advisor™) to train pipeline operators and help our clients to operate, control and optimise their pipeline systems.

Pipeline Advisor™ offers pipeline operators real-time advice and monitoring to optimise performance and operations safety. This software package provides:

  • Intuitive pipeline visualisations
  • Batch tracking (pipeline inventory tracking, arrival alarms, pig tracking)
  • Production history logging
  • Leak detection
  • Remote data analysis. 

Our Pipeline Simulator™ software partners with users for:

  • Pipeline system design
  • Operation sequence determination
  • Operator training (including accident scenarios)
  • Operations planning 
  • Pipeline safety assessment.

Our interactive, comprehensive modelling allows our clients to:

  • Change pump speed and flow rate
  • Change the number of operating pumps
  • Change choke combinations
  • Shutdown/start-up pump station
  • Close/open block valves
  • Operate in batch mode with batch tracking.

Our simulator solutions will prepare your operators with the most advanced systems knowledge and decision making skills in the event of a pipeline accident. Our packages include:

  • Power failure
  • Accidental mainline valve closure
  • Pipeline burst
  • Pipeline plug
  • Rupture disc burst
  • Pump trip
  • Loss of power

Our pipeline technology solutions are fully customisable and easy to use. They can be adapted to your unique needs and system specifications.
To find out more about how we have assisted our clients with our pipeline operations technology and just how easy it is to use, click on the related featured projects, download the brochure in English or contact one of our Experts.