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Ausenco has provided specialised professional services to the pulp and paper industry worldwide for over 60 years.

Through our current team and our heritage company, Sandwell Engineering Inc, we have in-depth understanding of Canada’s and the USA’s people, engineering and construction procedures, climate, geology and ecology.

Our experienced team includes specialists in all mill areas and disciplines and with most materials. Our team members possess diverse skills and experience, applicable to small one-day studies, or to the complexity of a complete mill project. We have assisted in the management of mill operations, supervised local consultants on international projects, arranged financing of projects for global clients and acted as client representative in monitoring engineering and construction.

We have been a mainstay in Canada, the USA and world-wide providing engineering services for pulp and paper mills, biomass fired power plants, export facilities and other industrial complexes.

We’re a leader in the field in North America in the design of biomass power plants, having constructed Canada’s largest cogeneration plants firing biomass, urban waste, and natural gas. We’re always looking to deliver practical, fit-for-purpose solutions to complex problems and sometimes that means pushing the boundaries of what has been done before.

Wood and Biomass Handling Experience

Our wood and biomass material handling experience includes designing systems for handling and processing many forms of biomass including; forest residuals, logs, chips, wood waste, sawdust, shavings, wood pellets, wood strands, dust, biochar, straw and poultry litter, sludge and biosolids.

Additionally, we have experience handling other industrial materials including; sand, limerock, lime dust, coal, coke, ash and MSW.

A typical material handling plant can comprise the following systems:

  • Raw material unloading facilities, storage and material handling systems.
  • Metal and rock removal.
  • Grinding, drying, screening, re-sizing.
  • Storage and reclaiming.
  • Conveying to the processing equipment.
  • Dust and emissions control.
  • Asset protection systems for spark, fire and explosion prevention, detection and suppression.
  • Buildings and underground services.
  • Electrical and control systems.

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