Water distribution SCADA and communication system

Santa Lucia Preserve Water Management Project
California, United States
Santa Lucia Preserve
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Environment & Sustainability; Infrastructure
Water Resources; Infrastructure Services

Santa Lucia Preserve is a 20,000 acre private community in the mountainous Carmel Valley of California The many peaks and valleys provided. Ausenco’s engineers with a challenge as they designed the SCADA system for domestic, irrigation and emergency water supply distribution.

Ausenco provided all PLC and RTU programming, communication configuration, and HMI development for the water distribution system, as well as new panel design and fabrication.

The SCADA system is a combination of Allen-Bradley PLC’s, Control Microsystems SCADAPack RTU’s and Wonderware In touch HMI software.

The communication system is a spread spectrum radio network along with hardwired multi-drop sub-networks.

The redundant HMI system provides remote status indication, as well as remote control, to over 30 well sites, 4 booster stations and 12 pressure reduction valve sites, some of which are solar powered.

Operators have remote access to the control system, as well as pager, mobile phone, and email alerts for critical alarms.