Laura Pacholski

National Director, Mining

Laura, a professional chemist and senior aquatic scientist, has over 15 years of technical and regulatory experience in the mining sector.
Calgary, Alberta

I enjoy supporting clients with regulatory planning and project de-risking, to streamline project approvals, navigate regulatory and environmental challenges, and facilitate responsible mining.

Laura leads teams, designing and implementing environmental monitoring studies across various domains such as fish and aquatics, air quality, wildlife, closure and reclamation, and vegetation and soils. These studies are instrumental for clients in regulatory compliance, permitting applications, and effects monitoring on their projects.

Laura’s deep understanding of Canada’s regulatory framework enables her to provide exceptional environmental support during the mining phases of permitting, construction, operations, and closure. Her expertise spans many areas, including aquatic science, environmental monitoring, mining regulations and permitting, legislative compliance, risk assessments, environmental impact assessments, and guideline development.

She actively participates in regulatory hearings and technical sessions, facilitating Indigenous community engagement and contributing to sustainable mining and socio-economic agreement reports. Laura has also assisted in resolving complex water management challenges and providing support for Water Licence updates.

Registered as a chemical professional in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, Laura’s academic credentials include a bachelor of science degree in chemistry from the University of Leeds, England, and a master of science with distinction in environmental toxicology and pollution monitoring from the University of Ulster, Ireland.

Country experience:

  • Canada