In this webinar, Greg Lane, Grant Ballantyne, Tim Vizcarra, and Rajiv Chandramohan speak about how the landscape of minerals processing projects is changing and provide examples of technical solutions and tools that help the industry stay ahead of the curve.

Greg leads the webinar with a discussion on the current situation and challenges faced by the mineral processing sector. These include reduced head grades, complex metallurgy, volatile commodity markets and especially social license to operate which now defines miners’ business directions and processing methods as well as tailings containment practices to meet current expectations.

Grant brings to light how pre-concentration can be used to improve the economics of operations, reduce tailings liabilities, and improve water conservation. Tim Vizcarra explains how geometallurgy can be used to guide decision-making and process-improvement initiatives. Finally, Rajiv Chandramohan, explores how existing operations and new projects are adopting smarter process control and optimisation solutions to achieve quick returns on their investment.

Watch our webinar recording to find out how you can address the industry’s recent needs and exceed social expectations whilst increasing net present value through new technologies and approaches.

The changing landscape of minerals processing projects