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Plant Operations & Maintenance

At Ausenco we provide a comprehensive range of plant operations and maintenance services for our clients who seek seamless, low risk transitions to stable operations in order to secure and maintain a high return on investment.

We maximise efficiencies and safety through optimisation and look at our clients’ project from a number of angles to determine the best methods for achieving success, thereby creating added value for our clients.

Our knowledge in plant and equipment operation and maintenance is diverse and includes experience across a variety of commodities, asset classes and diverse geographical locations. This experience has allowed us to tailor a suite of operations and maintenance services that can assist owners to maximise the return on investment from their assets over the full life cycle of a project.

Our aim is to maximise efficient and safe plant operation and maintenance, and provide cost effective and sustainable solutions. We understand that for any project to be successful, particularly those in remote locations, effective engagement with stakeholders including the local community is imperative. We have been privileged to witness first hand, in locations such as Papua New Guinea, West Africa and Australia, the positive impact that a successful and well managed operation can have on the local community.

Our attention to health and safety is matched by our focus on the protection of the local environment and the training, development and integration of local personnel into our project workforce.

At Ausenco we understand the importance of getting people trained to the highest standard possible and ready to operate plant and equipment safely, efficiently and effectively. This requires the appropriate systems, procedures and practices to be developed and delivered to the workforce well in advance of operations commencement.

Our proven capability in contract operations and maintenance extends from operational readiness to operations support, through to continuous improvement and contract operations.